Vinyl Flooring

  • 05, 04, 2019
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Want to know what vinyl has to do with the floor? Vinyl is a well known PVC in the case of flooring. Some of you may now say that vinyl flooring is actually linoleum. But this is not entirely true, because there is one fundamental difference.
Did you know that linoleum is a purely natural material and PVC or, in other words, vinyl is an artificial and therefore syntatic substance? Didn't know? This mistake, however, is natural in our country, because linoleum and PVC have been confused for many years, and a lot of us thought it was one and the same concept. And vinyl flooring, that's another chapter.
Vinyl Flooring-Beautiful, durable and practical
So, it's a matter of art, many of you who are purely natural people will sigh, and the word "synthetic" is frighping to them. Don't worry. Come in on our vinyl flooring to look-everything is completely different!

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